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TVB, Stars Academy 2 !

聲夢傳奇2 第13集丨精華片段丨任暟晴Jasmine以拳會友 與梁芷菁Crystal互訴閨密心事

You can see NRG Masters in TV show ! 

打跆拳道最重要唔係力度,而係XX | J2 | 陀地外國人

"master NO" interview by Youth Development Commission

《我與852的故事》之「#傳承心靈之道 积」, ,
由 Master No Rae 親自講出跆拳道與香港嘅故事。

Kimchi people interview (Dec  3, 2022)

【來港9年教授跆拳道 🇰🇷 有甚麼益處?跆拳道Dance?!?!🧐 #Kimchipeople 】

NRG is invited by LCSD (leisure and cultural services departmnet), Nov 13, 2022

HK Book Fair Event in wanchai exhibition (July 24, 2022)